Reagan J Frazier - Cinematographer 

Artistic Visuals,
     Developed Filmmaking Skills...


Cinematographer /Filmmaker

I create incarnations of a directors vision, the writers dream, on a designers canvas, within the producers scope.

Photographer / Assistant

I capture beautiful reflections of life, suspended in time, encapsulated in light, illuminated by grace. 

Crew Member

I help build the pyramid, without straw, on the strength of my resolve, on the shoulders of my ancestors, in the presence of my sisters.


Experienced Cinematographer /
Director of Photography.

As a cinematographer, I am chief of the camera and light crews working on a project and I am responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the visual aspect of a film. I create beautiful, tasteful, artistic, impossible, memorable images that touch emotions.


Artistic Professional Photographer.

I work with clients to create images that only live deeply within their souls.


Versatile Filmmaker / Well-trained Crew Member.

I am an enthusiastic team member or leader. I also have a ready set of creative relationships that are available to help execute your grand vision.


Sad when I Love Her  - Director of Photography

Explores the sometimes thin line between relationships, love, and rage.

Skin of the Father - Director of Photography

Delves into the depths of what people are willing to sacrifice, offer, and surrender..

Heaven's Hue -
Director / Writer

An ambitious,  visually provoking 16mm film - completed from start to finish in one day..

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I am available as a Director of Photography on thoughtful, sustainable, interesting projects.

I will be posting some of my latest work here...

Take a look at my photography gallery of film and digital works. This is not the upper-most area containing the cheap seats. It is a bit of my heart, captured by my eyes, and my tools.

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